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    Hi Swlabs, we have some comments for you.

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    Hi, we're listening you...



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Datatable Editable
Rendering engineBrowserPlatform(s)Engine versionCSS gradeEditDelete
TridentInternet Explorer 4.0Win 95+ 4XEditDelete
TridentInternet Explorer 5.0Win 95+5CEditDelete
TridentInternet Explorer 5.5Win 95+5.5AEditDelete
TridentInternet Explorer 6Win 98+6AEditDelete
TridentInternet Explorer 7Win XP SP2+7AEditDelete
TridentAOL browser (AOL desktop)Win XP6AEditDelete
GeckoFirefox 1.0Win 98+ / OSX.2+1.7AEditDelete
GeckoFirefox 1.5Win 98+ / OSX.2+1.8AEditDelete
GeckoFirefox 2.0Win 98+ / OSX.2+1.8AEditDelete
GeckoFirefox 3.0Win 2k+ / OSX.3+1.9AEditDelete
GeckoCamino 1.0OSX.2+1.8AEditDelete
GeckoCamino 1.5OSX.3+1.8AEditDelete
GeckoNetscape 7.2Win 95+ / Mac OS 8.6-9.21.7AEditDelete
GeckoNetscape Browser 8Win 98SE+1.7AEditDelete
GeckoNetscape Navigator 9Win 98+ / OSX.2+1.8AEditDelete
GeckoMozilla 1.0Win 95+ / OSX.1+1AEditDelete